The best choice for die cutters and die makers

Die-cutting and die-making consumables

Steel Rules


There are many steel rules (cutting, creasing, perforating, cut-crease rules, etc.) which are un-known in most of the countries. We provide you the right cutting and creasing solution for each Substrate.



Any kind of material for phenolic Counters (Pertinax) and Steel Counter Plates, also in different thicknesses and hardnesses. Huge selection of milling tools (cutters/bits) for all current milling machines in the market.



Centerline parts and all types of stripping-pins and -blades for producing Stripping Tools of the different types, like quick-strip, marba-strip, master-strip



Todays Premium Rotary dies bring 2-3 times higher Performance, thanks Special products. You can get all those products form us. Basically wooden shells, steel rules, new ejection materials.


All for Samplemakers

From cutting mats, over different types of plotter-knives (blades) for Aristo, Kongsberg, Lasercomb or Zünd flat-bed-ploters are available.

Ejection Rubber

Ejection rubbers from the best quality in the market. Open cell, closed cell like Polyron®, mixed cell, Cellasto, Vulkollan. Profiles of rubber for nicking, also made of Vulkollan and cork-rubber.